How much to move my house?

This is the most common question we have ever been asked. Simple but seems not easy to answer. Before that, please have a clear mind that what are you going to move, make a estimate list, consider all aspects, think what you want ahead of your schedule. A simple way is that fill in a form to send us in our website, we will get back to you soonest! 

Can you provide us free boxes?

Unfortunately, every thing is not free

Even though some company declare that they provide free boxes, free quotations, but keep in mind that there is no free lunch in this world. They will add up into the final bill, where there is a cost, there is a price.

Is the rate different to move HDB, Condo, and Landed house?

Yes, depends on the difficulties

normally to move HDB will be cheaper, condo will always require some extra jobs, like apply moving permit, put protection to the lift and floor, and even some condo lorry cannot enter in, have to park outside and push things out. Landed house normally need carry by staircases, which takes time and extra manpower. So please indicate us what kind of house you are going to move.

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